Nurse Janna Champagne and her associates at Integrated Holistic Care, Inc. specialize in helping people find the right product and dosage for their needs. Please contact IHC with any questions or concerns.

Integrated Holistic Care is a Southern Oregon non-profit medical and health education organization dedicated to providing our communities with quality health counseling and education services that are rooted in a whole systems approach to medicine that seeks to address the root causes of disease. Our team of healthcare professionals hold experience in both traditional and alternative medicine treatments and are prepared to help you regain control of your health and wellness.

Y    N       I would like to pursue an individualized approach to optimize my cannabis therapy results.

Y    N       I am taking pharmaceutical medications, or have a goal of reducing reliance on pharmaceuticals.

Y    N       I’m seeking cannabis for a sick child or adolescent..

Y.   N.      I have been diagnosed with cancer.

Y    N       I have been diagnosed with a cardiac condition (arrythmia, hypertension, etc).

Y    N       I have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Y    N       My focus for cannabis is to manage/improve a chronic or complex medical condition.

Y   N       I would benefit from assistance determining what cannabis product(s) best meet my needs.

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, seeking a nurse consultation is important to ensure safe and optimal medical cannabis use.

Our nurses specialize in applied cannabis therapeutics for autism, ADD/ADHD, autoimmune/immune disorders, cancer, epilepsy, GI disorders, neurological and mental health disorders, and acute/chronic pain/inflammation.

Consultations offered by Integrated Holistic Care include health history review, assessment of potential interactions with medications and supplements, with development of an individualized care plan to target your specific needs and goals.

For more information or to schedule a consult, please visit our website at:

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